16 outubro 2008

Back to JavaFX

I decided to (re)inaugurate my blog, because of my new phase in my work. I need now to rewrite and improve the user interface of our desktop application. And I convince my partners that JavaFX is the solution to our problems. JavaFX is the official solution to RIA in Java. It's main rivals are Flash, Adobe AIR and MS Silverlight.

First, I need to study JavaFX and discover it's features to desktop UI development. But Web development with it promises a good future after JDK 1.6.0 update 10, that comes with the so expected "Next Generation Java Plug-in": "This release introduces a new (default) implementation of the Java Plug-in that provides support for applets in the web browser. The next generation Java Plug-in combines the best architectural features of applet and Java Web Start technologies. It provides a robust platform for deployment of Java and JavaFX content in the web browser."

My main questions about JavaFX:

  • Can I create a custom look and feel with JavaFX? My idea is to create an beautiful L&F (ex. a title bar) with JavaFX features.

  • Can I create an efficient transparent window?

  • The most important: how to create a beautiful look to my application? :)

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