29 outubro 2008

Good surprise migrating from Eclipse to Netbeans 6.1

Now that we decided to use JavaFX to our new Interface, I will need to use Netbeans. There aren't a functional plugin to Eclipse.

We have more than 20 projects that are Eclipse projects builded with Maven2 (so, Maven projects). Eclipse don't manages Maven Projects, but eclipse projects can be adapted to Maven projects. Maven is executed as a "External Tool".

Actually, this projects are organized in 2 root projects that are composed by Modules. On Eclipse, I need to open each one as a eclipse project.

Now, I installed Maven2 plugin to Netbeans and checked out the projects from Subversion repository (see this to help with Subversion + SSH). And for my surprise, Netbeans recognized the two projects as Netbeans/Maven projects automatically, show me all modules and I could open each module as a new Project. When I configure my Maven2 repository, all compiled OK. It's simple!

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